Sunday, 31 August 2014

Cause selfie with you is one of my wishlist.

Assalamualaikum and hi!...

From the title of this entry, you already know what's the main point is. Heheheee.

I donno y, i feel glad for a few weeks, my life becomes better. Ha. Even there are piles of assignments have to submit. Hahaaa. Last night, I met him. He's so cute, no? Hahaa, First like, I felt akward. Padahal, masa oncall tak cukup-cukup nak cakap. Hahahaaa. Aww, so cute, how late was him last night meyh, and he didnt have credit, lol. whatssapp only, what if i not opened my whatssapp, how can we bump to each other. Luckily I opened my whatssapp. haihh. I just stood alone and read some magazines in Popular. Hahaa, luckily you found me, cause i stared at you then you saw me. Hahaa, Pretending I was not see you was a weird thing I ever did. Hhaahaaa. When I started to blushing and I walked fast. The most cute thinggy was when we took selfie at IG, Mueheheee. Rasa nak bluetooth je gambar tu ke hp aku tauuu. Hahahaha, comel sangat.  Heheee. Spend an hour with you, played the games at arcade. At last, lepak in front of KM and we shared the stories. I really hope we can meet again after this. I want to shoot at photobox. Lol. But I dunno, where it is actually. 


To that guy, don be " kejap-kejap awek kau, kejap-kejap emma maembong, last-last kau cari aku jugak ". Kau dah ada gf, why you so bother, ? And sometimes, I think, you are not really love your gf, cause if you love her, how could you feel lost, when I stopped crush on you? And I think, all your updates in Insta, are fake at all. Maybe I feel jealous with your relationship, maybe. But, I think, I don want to be with that kind of a boy. If you're a celebrity it's ok you want to be like that. Budget. nyampah.

To afiq my bae/ my smoker, I hope you're just like a green tea or maybe ice peach tea or maybe anything that relates to you which makes you happy. I hope you see my face in every passing car, in every dua, and hear my voice in your favourite songs and you realise I was one all along. 

Yang penting, aku sudah katakan sebuah perasaan yang tumbuh di hatiku, tertanam yang kumulai mungkin dari sebuah kisah persahabatan. Iya atau tidak jawapanmu, ku serahkan semua ku serahkan semua ikutla kata hatimu. Ku takkan memaksa. Namun ku sungguh sangat mencintaimu.