Saturday, 18 August 2012

mr Crush. Crush. Crush

Assalamualaikum. Hi readers.! (bejet je ade orang nak baca)

Dear, my love for Mr. Crush remains loyal. loyal? i don think so.
I’m not the type to get jealous when my crush likes other girls or having other girls like him since I know that whatever happens, that’s all he’ll ever be: a crush.
But it’s kinda different now.
I was really sad since I saw my crush laughed happily with his classmate, girl. they look like very close. heart-breaking.
i'm scared, afraid and a shame. i want to but i just don't have the guts and the spirit to tell you that i like you. for girls, it's hard to tell out their feelings cause they're afraid of rejection. afraid of the words let's just be friend, shame to confront in front of him. sorry i have no guts to tell him about my feelings towards him.
i should be friend with you now better than i lose you even as a friend cause i don't want to cause you know why? you've stolen piece of my heart. if you don't mind, let me be your best girl friend. let me a place where you can tell anything and the place where you can trust me.

2,3 ku tangkap ikan siakap,
ku goreng bawang dulu,
2, 3 ku malu nak cakap,
wa cinta sama lu.

(Y) peace

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