Monday, 16 September 2013

Happy Birthday To You

Happy Birthday Athiya Alifah Nuraftini.

Assalamualaikum and greetings.

I used to sit back, relax and enjoy the music and sweet voice of Kim Hyun Joong harmonising together to form this wonderful song. Yeah, my mom reminds me about my partner birthday. Yeah its today. But unfortunately, we are far apart. Think about her reminds me about a part of me that have been missing for years. I am not really sure if I could, but I wish someday and somehow, I will fly myself there that I called My Second Home.

Throwing back 2011, that time I was fifteen. I flew there as part of my club activities It was a total eye-opener for me, as I never imagine myself travelling that far to learn the lesson of life. When I'm growing up in a small town which is located at the Southern of Semenanjung Malaysia, I have never been to travel all over Malaysia, not even once! Improving my English also is the last thing I can think.

Anyway, 10 days with Athiya in 2011, I gained many new experiences. I also learned to be independent at overseas.  Here we go. All of this are literally differences during my family and I visited again as a holiday trip in 2013. There are no more friends, school. I didnt meet them anyway. Everything is changed. I've picked out so many things invaluable to be replaced. Somehow, I love to share a little bits of my experiences.

Kenta Nakashima Sensei. He already back to his real "home" at Japan.

9A always in my heart.

this school is located near the airport. this was taken during recess time. A little bit noisy when the flight pass the school.


Angkutan acts as transportation for the students to go to school. Sometimes, there was the beggars in the Angkutan. I felt scared at that time.

Kinan is a cute boy that time but now he is becoming a handsome boy. Good job in growing mature, Kinan. I miss you.

He is the first student who greeted me. He is so mean to me. He taught me many things. He taught me to eat Mee Indonesia or Maggi goreng during recess. I feel glad know him. Uhibbuka jidda.

You see, when people travel overseas, they would talk about the beautiful places and attractions. But, for me, I think foods fill up my senses more than the places that I visited did.  This is because my foster family like to always introduce me about foods there. Food that I really like is nasi ayam penyet with its pecel lele. Even though Singapore is merely a stone's throw away from Johor, but visiting Singapore is not as awesome as my journey to Bandung in 2011. My english is bad and I know.

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