Thursday, 31 October 2013

Countdown My Final Year At School

Here comes my last year at school. Soon the innocent face of me will turn to harsh adolescence. I feel good at my final year at school but at the same time its my nightmare too. I never thought this year will go by so fast. As much as I hated of some of the things I went through in school, Im glad they happened because without them I wouldn't me who I am right now.

The ending of this will bring end to a lot of things. This day and all the fun I had will never come back. Soon it will be called memories. Thought Form 5 Ar Razi is still the top in my best classes list. All the crazy classmates, all the stupid fights for the stupid reasons, making fun of each other and buttering teachers. I will miss them a lot after finish my school. All of them cherish my school life. I still remember for the past 10 months, I had my beloved beautiful friends planned a surprise for me in January to celebrate my birthday. I was beyond touch and I am happy to have these few people in my life. Thank you 

I feel so sad yesterday. Our last dinner before SPM. This simple dinner yet it become so meaningful to me. I know after this we cant be together like that again. Maybe all of us will in a different track.  Im speechless that time because I kept thinking about it. These memories were playing like a film without a sound in my mind. Slowly and quietly but never stop. I was throwing back when my first step to this school. When I first got here, I was shy. When I made friends, what they did I did. Once I started to love them, I think I got fun of more than I ever had. The strength that I've gained from all of the troubes I went through have made me who I am today and I am glad that I had those experiences. Biology, Add Math, Physics, Chemistry are hard and difficult. "Stressful" is one word can describe them but If Im not going through them, I probably cant have all sweet memories together with my friends. 

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