Friday, 6 June 2014


Assalaumalaikum, and good morning everyoneee. I recently in my room at KMM. Lol, this week was so busy and everyone here said the same thing to. Lol. Many lab reports to submit next week. Every week 3 lab reports. Everyday eight hours classes. I miss MPBB week seriously. I have no choice to choose, so if I will or not, I have to stay here for another 10 months. Maybe next week I will be on different class if my request to switch module is approved.

Actually before that, I already cried all over because there's someone that broke my heart again. Y dont he just stay as a friend, y don't he try to act normally like before and the important is y don't he say sorry. Im waiting for u everyday every night. Then, u can just say, "aku taknak bagi harapan kat sapa2, pliss paham". That's mean u wanna left me like what my past A! left me right. Maybe u donno what happens to me before and how i struggled to deal with that. Its hard. A! left me without words. When im with u im just hoping after a long time i didn't fall in love after A!, I will try to fall in love again with someone that ordinary and im just close my eyes when I fall in love with you because IM IN LOVE WITH YOU WITH ALL YOUR LITTLE THINGS. You are perfect to me. I tried my best to be the one who always care about you even Im busy right here. I will add the time to accompany you. Ive done my part, y not u just accept me as who I am. Try to talk again, try to make a conversation again. Don't leave me. I can't let you go. I dont want the same thing happen again in my entire life. Please stay but Im not gonna try to start a conversation anymore and I will be left and dump in the middle of it. Enough you just say sorry, I wait for that word if you do, I will forget  everything u've done that hurt me so much. Easy right but y u're such a bodoh guy that never know the most powerful word is sorry.

note : And you know that you can take all of me. I swear I will be better than before. No I can't let you go. I hope you know you never left my head and if I ever let you down I'm sorry.

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