Saturday, 24 May 2014

Be Heartless :(


Hi! Today, I have no mood.

It's okay if I had to start the conversation, but I hate of being the person who ended the conversation. Nampak macam aku yang beriya mahukan kau. Lol. At least if u want to end up the conversation jangan lah blah macam tu.  Said something, "okayla nak tidur, okayla awak saya bosan dengan awak". And paling perit bila, aku posts apa-apa and kau like. Perghh. Nampak tak kau online but kau memang saja nak tak nak reply. Last ayat aku bukan ok ok atau hmm, aku tanya kau kot, aku soal kau kot. 

You have to remember this "if I open up to you, then u're absolutely special to me".  Can I be a heartless girl? I hate this feeling, the feeling when i'm trying to forget A! and I open up to you and suddenly u also broke my heart. Dump me as what u want. Maybe you don't know how hard I am to fall in love again and to open my heart for someone else. It's take time and slowly I could forget A! when you entered my entire life. I felt glad you come, you've being so special. Tapi kau taktau semua tu. Asyik aku yang mulakan semua benda. Aku sedih. Aku perit.

I told Awin about this and awin replied. "If there's a someone make you feeling down, then, wake up because of ALLAH because He is the best Protector, He is our Creator, He is our Sustainer and the one who has Power over all.
Then, I don't know why I told A! about this. Then he replied, someday we will meet, and that time tell me everything and whatever that make you feel sad, trust me.
Fyqa send me this, one day he will regret of treating the girl who done everything and fight for him.

note : never make somebody your everything, when they're gone, you've got nothing.

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