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First Time Travelling (THROWBACK) Part II

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went to school as usual by Angkot. but I really excited wanted to go to school cause I wanted to meet someone. Hehe. :D We had to gather at school compound to get ready for Monday assembly. Well, being an exchange student we still had to study. That's why each of us had attend the P&P in our class. In class, we started a P&P by reading Quran first. In Bandung, BI (Bahasa Indonesia) is an universal language. Sunda language also important to learn here because most of the people here are Sundanese. They also charged their phones or laptops during P&P. I felt like "wow". I really want to continue school here. During recess, I tried mee Indonesia. How cool this school is. At canteen, we could bought "maggi goreng". We could also bought from Kantin Kejururan. At, Kantin Kejujuran we had just to put the money and took the foods. There is no one there. Today all of us decided to take angkot to go home this day. Today, for dinner, my family brought me eating sate padang. I also tried fresh mango juice. the juice was really "pekat".


Adhika from 9A. He was 13 y/o but he already 9th Grade because he is intelligent and genius maybe.



The following day, after had some learning in class, we had a trip to Lembang. It is where the Gunung Takuban Parahu is situated. Gunung Takuban Parahu is a dormant volcano. The name of Takuban Parahu translates roughly to "upturned boat" in Sundanese referring a local legend of Sangkuriang. Before got up to the Gunung, the bus stopped at the office that has a machine that can check the volcano's activity status. Behind the office, I could saw a tea plantation. I feel like I was at Cameron Highland even I never been there. Guilty! Serious talk, I never go to Cameron Highland. Sadlife.


Then, the bus stopped again at the minivan station to continue went up Gunung. We had to pay for the entrance but I think our partners had support us. Ngehngeh. :D As we arrived, there was about cloudy. We could feel the cool weather here. Sulfur gas everywhere and we could smell it. It was an awe-inspiring sight of emanating sulfur fumes. 


Teacher gave us chances to do what we want. We decided to walk circle around the crater. When we walked, I just saw only four of us. Iman, Ali, Fadhli and I. Where the others?  We just walked without worrying cause had Ali and Fadhli, SMPN2 students. Suddenly, I couldn't balance myself and felt because it was slippery. There was a nenek shouted at us in a sudden, "Siapa yang jatuh kat sini, dia akan nikah awal". We're just shocked. The trail become more steep and slippery so we decided to go back to the starting point. We're afraid. Grrr! When we safely arrived at the starting point we're at before, it was raining heavily. The temperature dropped and cool. We "fefeeling" like at Korea. Cause the fog was everywhere and when  we started to talk the like "asap" out of the mouth. The water was too cold when we wanted to take wudhu'. After that, like every other tourist attraction, the trip would not complete without passing by the rows of souvenirs shops, so we bought some souvenirs.


Next, we went to Sari Ater Hot Spring at the slope of Gunung Takuban Parahu. Here, we swam in warm mineral water pools, good in healing skin problems.
We left Sari Ater was about 5.30p.m. First time in my life, I performed Solat Maghrib in bus. First time I took tayamum by using "debu" in the bus. The SMPN2 students taught us about it. They said, we can do like this when we don't know where and when to stop. At last, we reached SMPN2 at eight pm. Then, ibu took us to eat nasi with bebek.


Like the days before, but today, I spent a lot of time at school, because after P&P Athiya had practiced. But today, was little bit different cause I have many new friends today. Hikshiks. How I could be friends to them? Just because, I sat alone at the corridor and they came to me asked why I was alone there. I just said, "Mereka ada practice tapi, aku lagi tak tahu di mana mereka sekarang." They replied, "Tak apa, kamu masih ada kami." Then, we talked about Upin Ipin. They asked me to spell AYAM in Upin Ipin's way. They said they tried but couldn't same as Upin Ipin. From that moment they called me Upin Ipin. We laughed. I feel glad because they still remember me until now even they didn't BCCC members and didn't same Grade. I could see how close they are with their friends. I proud of them. This day I started to feel sad cause doesn't have much time to meet and spend time with them. When arrive home, I started chit chat with Athiya. Haha. I felt happy have Athiya's family.


This day, I didn't mind cause I already could adapt with the school. As usual, I went to 9A every morning there and I enjoyed myself watch them and their funny attitudes. Then, about recess time, I went again to 9A.  They asked me to teach them Math. Haha. Believe or not, I didnt feel guilty doing something I never do at Malaysia. I could find myself being a talkative person and didn't afraid to talk to strangers. I felt happy could see a little positive changes in myself.


Of course, I will be boring to be only studying, what's more, I supposed to experience everything, culture, food, and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the surrounding here before going back Malaysia. So, we had angklung practiced and collaborated with team from SMPN2. We played Ignorane, and Kopi Dangdut songs. I really enjoyed this activities. Then, I just sat with SMPN2 students and we talked much about ourselves.


They held a farewell ceremony. Eh? Dunno. More to cultural exchange ceremony. This day, we had to wear our traditional costumes. Haha, as usual I only wore baju kurung. It is the simplest and easy to bring. First of all for this day was first cultural performance which represented by SMPN2 students that successfully attracted the audiences. Then, next performance was represented by STK students and we performed Endang Dance. Next, we have to play angklung with SMPN2 team. I felt so sad and didn't stop crying after all students there kept hugging one by one each of us.  After solat Jumaat, that afternoon session was filled by visiting again. We went to Pasar Baru.  We went to Pasar Baru by angkot same as when back home. When we back, there was a beggar entered the angkot, he played guitar. After first stop, he asked for money and we pretend didn't know anything. He became angry and out of the angkot. That time I felt so scared if his behaviors becomes more wild in a sudden. Alhamdullilah nothing bad happen. We safely arrived home.



Today was last day at Bandung. I woke a little bit late cause last night I spend my night with my foster family. Talked about me. Then my family sent me to Bnadara Hussain Sastranegara Airport (BDO). I felt really hard to leave all the sweet moments. I kept replaying SMASH // I Heart You and Firman // Kehilangan in the cars. See, that Kehilangan songs was already famous there about 4 years ago and now baru je famous here.    Then, our flight was about 11.00 am here. Sobs, sobs. Before enter the entrance, there was someone gave me something and he said someone gave me and he couldn't came to give to me directly.

All the people involved in this 10 days programme were willing to network an endless friendship and enhance me to be more friendly with the new people I met. I really appreciate this. Special thanks again to my foster family and friends there also all unmentioned people related to success this programme.  Deep in my heart I felt so touched. This was my first time travelling and yet I got many new things.  Deep in my heart I felt so touched. This was my first time travelling and yet I got many new things. To be honest, believe it or not my second time visiting here was not as awesome as this first time. My second time was around 2013 with my family. I will definitely be back here again for third time. Amin.  


Yang sangat nak travel balik waktu ni,

Fatehah Jamil.


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