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First Time Travelling (THROWBACK) Part I

Hi ebelibadi. Assalamualaikum. Im so bored, so I make this entry. I just wanna share my first time traveled. It was 3 or 4 years ago when I was fifteen * cause when you're fifiteen and somebody tells you that they love you and you're gonna believe it. Hahaha. Yes when I was fifteen we started our love story until now, maybe. Im waiting for you.

When I was fourteen, I joined a new club at my school, BCCC. That club offered us as the club members to connect with other countries students. That time this club was just started in Malaysia. My school is the first school that accept this organisation as a club. At first, I felt bored join this club but my English teacher forced us to join. We were just like masterpiece. I started to love this club when we're skyping with UK's students. In 2011, my friends and I decided to continue joining this club. My club teacher announced a new activity in this club, Student Exchange Programme. But my teacher said that exchange program couldn't be too long because she worried about the cost. So, teacher decided this program would be held for about 10 days only. I told my parents about this, I don't know why my parents didn't quarrel about it. They seems agreed. I felt afraid, cause I never go this far without parents. My friends too, their parents agreed about it.  My school collaborated with SMPN2 from Bandung to organize an Student Exchange Programme under BCCC.

The journey was began from Kluang to LCCT. It took 4 hours to arrived LCCT. No memories in STK school bus. Hahaha. Arrived LCCT, performed prayers first and did jama' qasar. Then, teacher gave us our flight ticket, guess what. The flight departured on 7.00 p.m, and we still have 6 hours to wait. Gah gah gah. Pffttttt. Just wait.

So let us study for PMR first. Iman the bajet one. Hahaha.


lets filled the boarding pass first in plane.

Idid, me and Migha. Where's my Iman? haha LOL.

In 2 hours flight, I enjoyed watching the handsome stewards and pretty stewardess in all their formality, walked up and down serving and smiling all the time. When about arrived Indonesia, I enjoyed looking out of the small window from Idid's seat the beautiful sky and had many various colour of lights from up. As you all know,  Jawa Barat has "penduduk yang padat". Maybe that various light were coming from the houses and buildings.     But what I hated is my blocked ear. I didn't expect too much in this journey even when we arrived Bandara Husein Sastranegara Airport Bandung (BDO).

Our foster family already waited for us. Pity on them but pity on me first. I expected, teachers would introduce first our foster family, but they didn't. Never been there and never know my foster family, with knowing nothing, I just followed my foster family. They brought me to Nasi Padang Restaurant.

Nasi Padang and all the dishes. I just took its sambal ijo and ayam goreng.

Along the way to their house, I felt asleep already. Too tired and exhausted. They understood me. Arrived the house about 11.00 p.m Malaysia's time. Prepared the stuffs for school next morning.

Next day, Friday, I woke up early in the morning, 0400 WB. Took a breakfast as fast as I could, cause I was afraid Athiya (my partner) would be late to school. Then, Ayah sent me to school for the first day. Sesampai je kat sekolah tu. See this

They were busy for the opening ceremony to welcome us.

In the hall of SMPN2.

Only me wore school uniform, while they wore club tshirt. Sadlife.

OSIS introduced us their school by taking us around the school. SMPN2 is a small school. It doesn't have a field. SMP is like form 1 to form 3 students. They will take an important exam when they are in 9th grade. What I respect about them are they are allowed to bring phone and laptop, but they do not use it while in P&P. They are also very talented in many ways. Their school accentuate them not only academic but kokurikulum too. Even their kokurikulum doesn't too important like at Malaysia. During break, they will play around. I could see some students played badminton and basketball. Some of them played musical instruments like Angklung, guitar at corridor. Some of them practiced dancing. Me so excited watched this new environment that I can't see at Malaysia. The small school didn't stop them for being active.


Today was Friday, so P&P finished early to allow Muslim students perform Solat Jumaat. At that time, the mosque in SMPN2 was under construction, but we were allowed to use it. Guess what, the place where we had to take wudu' didn't have wall. We just followed the students. Their ways in taking wudu' had a little bit different from what we used to. Then, they used various colours of telekung. Really nice. After done Jumaat prayer, we walked to the mall near the school. There, I bought XL simcard and then, I called my mom. After that, Athiyah and I went to Sensei Kenta Nakashima's house. As we arrived there, Sensei invited us to enter his house. He made sushi for us. Suddenly, there was a bad new. There was Tsunami at Japan. Sensei worried because he has to go back to Japan as today was his last day at Bandung and last day to him taught BJ in SMPN2. He could speak bahasa fluently.

Sensei Kenta Nakashima :3

We went home about 6.00p.m by Angkutan Kota. Today, first time I took Angkutan Kota. This day was the first day I was here so I wanna share something about the situation here. As early 6.30 am here the sun  was already rise. When the sun was down at about 6.00pm, the temperature drops. Due to my observation for the first day here, Bandung was relatively cooler. The average temperature was about 22.6. Cool isn't?

Next day, Saturday, many activities this day. Woke up early get ready for this brand new day. Semangat. Athiyah and I took about 3 angkutan kota to go to SMPN2. I don't know whether factor of distance or macet along the road here. And the most important is The driver of Angkot is cute enough to be a celebrity. SERIOUS TALK.


First destination for today is Museum Konferensi Asia Afrika. This is historical place at Bandung. Let just watch the pictures below. Nothing to here. Bandung Conference.


My teacher said, when visiting Bandung, by chance we passed the Geology Museum. This museum is big enough and has a big yard outside. We didn't have to pay any single cent for entrance fee. It's free. This museum has two floors with art deco's style. In this museum, we could find various type of rocks, the mineral, fossils and several artifacts from several parts of Indonesia. We could find seats and clean toilets  with good maintenance here even did not charge any cents.


Then, we took lunch at Chinese Restaurant. We celebrated Kak Farhana's Birthday too. All of the food provided were too delicious as Chinese culinary.

Next destination we dropped by at Saung Angklung Udjo. Here we could watch  the presentation of art  traditional puppet show, traditional dances, the choir of Angklung music played by hundreds of students at Saung Angklung Udjo Academic. Toilet at Saung Angklung Udjo is unique. Its surau too unique but I doesn't have the picture. I just remember Kang Bayu because he is so cute. :3


Even he close his eyes, he's still cute. :3

Our next destination was Taman Hutan Raya Ir H Djuanda in area of Dago. something like that. The scenery here suitable to make film like Twilight cause there is Pine forest. There are also the caves (Jepang and Belanda). Here we welcomed by shady big tress. This is a scenic part of Bandung.

Gua Jepamg much smaller than Gua Belanda. Actually It's more like tunnel not cave.

After visited Guo Jepang/Belanda, we went to Factory Outlets. Seriously, there are many Factory Outlets at Bandung, We went to Cihampelas Street. Many of the stores along Cihampelas Road are named after superhero or Hollywood action characters like Superman, Batman, Hulk and Spiderman. Along with the names, the stores have large models of the superheros attached at the front of the stores. Really awesome and beautiful. So we had a few hours here to shop.


Today, we arrived at SMPN2 at 7.00 pm because serious traffic jammed. Then, my partner and I took taxi to back home. Really tired and exhausted but learnt many new things for today. For dinner, I took sate padang. A little bit different from sate here because the sate "tak manis" and "tak cicah dengan kuah kacang".  Kayy that's all.

Sunday. We had family event at Bale Pare, Kota Baru Parahanyangan. Guess what, after about 4 days here, teacher introduced foster families. Huh. ==" Many activities for today. We watched 4D's film. After finished this event, we went to

Then, we went to Puspa Iptek. Then, we took a meals at one of the biggest Bakso Restaurant. Then, we went to Grandma's house. Today, we back home early. Yeay! This was the scenery along the way .The paddy fields.


my english is bad and I know


Syazwani Yazid said...

bestnyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa kkite tak pernah naik flight hmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Fatehah Jamil said...

best sgt dpt kawan dgn diorg. alololo jangan lah sedih wani. bole kalau nak naik flight. try dalam malaysia. kalau time ada tiket murah cer try pegi penang ke.