Friday, 13 January 2012



Many people said that English is easy. But for me erm, I really afraid of speaking in English.  I wanna talk about this issue based on my real life experience. When I was in primary school,  I tried to speak in English with my friend beside me. After that, came 'someone' and said to me. "What are you saying? It's better if u speak in Malay, I think. That was terrible." What a great reminder for me. I don't know how I felt when someone said like that to me. Maybe 'someone' can not understand what I'm talking about. It's so embarrassed. Yeah i have no right to improve myself in your eyes. Since that, I really afraid of making mistakes in conversations with other English speaking people. I'm just the person who everybody likes to find my faults. I don't give a shit to 'someone' that I can't mentioned the name even gender.

I hope my friends can help me to overcome this fear. i hope you get what i'm trying to say...
Because I'm just want to be pretty good in English and because I'm just an ordinary girl that eat rice as you all do.

I'm sorry if many mistakes that I have made in this entry.
you can put blame on me if i got wrong in this language cause i'm in studying to learn it.

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